WELL PLUS TRADE – Simply conscious nutrition.

We develop and market own and third-party brands contributing to conscious nutrition - in Germany and Europe.

Our vision

WELL PLUS TRADE – We are a system provider.

From the product idea to packaging development: we deliver individual solutions - professionally and in a short time.

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WELL PLUS TRADE – Sports nutrition from high protein to low carb.

With our brand Power System we are market leader in Germany and Austria.

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WELL PLUS TRADE – Simply conscious nutrition

We are a leading supplier of protein-based sports nutrition, functional food, diet products as well as for food supplements in Germany and Austria. As a system provider for conscious nutrition, we have many years of expertise in a strongly growing and very dynamic market environment: the consumer health market is growing at double-digit rates. This coincidences with a strong, continuous need for innovative concepts and solutions in protein-based sports nutrition and health products. The market entry is attractive and at the same time very complex. We develop and market our own and foreign brands in the area of conscious nutrition - nationally, in Germany and across Europe.

Private label

Private Label

We are a system provider for conscious nutrition and have been developing customized protein bars, protein powders, meal replacement products and food supplements as private label products for 20 years. We draw on a deep understanding of the market and of consumers, a broad network of contract manufacturers and our in-house development department with specialists in the field of food law, product development, format and recipe development and as well as correct labelling.

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Distributor for third party

Distributor for third party

Germany is one of the strongest markets in Europe and therefore particularly attractive - also for foreign competitors. However, access to the German market is considered difficult, as there are only a few retailers and you have to work both at a national level and in the field. WELL PLUS TRADE GmbH has been permanently represented in the food retail and at leading drugstore retailers for 20 years. Our sales team is in daily contact, nationally, regionally and together with partners in the field. We see ourselves as an experienced sales partner for international brands in the field of conscious nutrition.

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Power System

Power System

With our brand Power System, we are the market leader for sports nutrition in Germany and Austria. Our Power System bars, powders, ready-to-drinks and food supplements are a daily inspiration for our consumers, because they are geared to different nutritional goals and needs and provide a simple guide to living a conscious lifestyle. As innovative as our portfolio as reliable and convincing is our high quality, particularly the great taste and our value based positioning.

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SedVital is our contribution to a weight management regime, because SedVital supports you in achieving a lasting and effective weight loss. Our SedVital vanilla contains a combination of high quality soy protein, honey for natural sweetness and yogurt made from natural milk protein. Due to the high quality of the ingredients and a special production process, a diet product is available, whose quality you can always rely on.

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"WPT is our partner in product development and the production of our innovative health-promoting food and food supplements. We have benefited greatly from our partner’s knowledge of the food legislation. The use of the highest quality raw materials is very important for us. We are looking forward to the future."



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