Convenience food and conscious nutrition to go

March 30, 2022|Janna Uhlig

Convenience Food and conscious food to go Nowadays English terms are in daily use in the food industry in a lot of European countries. Convenience regarding food depicts the practicability, simplicity and service-oriented features of food and beverages. It leads to the conclusion, that convenience food is simple, quick to prepare and fits…

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One-stop shopping - successful with product innovations

March 22, 2022|Janna Uhlig

One-stop-shopping – successful with product innovations Taking the steps, it requires to develop a product from cradle to grave, oftentimes fails on the lack of ressources. Those enterprises, who aim at launching a new product innovation, depends not only on a good idea and a picture of the target customers. It requires every single step from the…

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Product development today must be flexible and modern

March 15, 2022|Janna Uhlig

Soft drinks have been around since the 16th and 17th centuries. In the beginning, they consisted of three components: Water, lemon juice and honey. Nowadays, the variety of ingredients, tastes and marketing measures knows hardly any limits. If you follow the development of a product - especially in recent years - you will see one thing above all…

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Vegan and natural supplements

March 8, 2022|Janna Uhlig

Healthy and tasty: Red and black superpower for your body, mind and soul Some vegetables are just remarkable: They are tasty, healthy and usable in a diverse way. Two of them are beetroot and black cumin. Both are predestined for kitchen-experiments as well as miracles regarding their effects. Wether cold or warm: Beetroot is an outstanding energy…

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Ginger supplements are king

March 1, 2022|Janna Uhlig

Ginger is not only recently invading our home kitchen. It is however a fix constant in many households. The brown, bulbous root is more than just the lower part of a wonderful, tropical flower. The Ingwer plant have different origins such as Chinese, Thai, Australian or African. Depending on its origin and specific type, it has different…

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