Power System Brand

With our brand Power System, we are the market leader for sports nutrition in Germany and Austria. Our Power System bars, powders, ready-to-drink and food supplements are a daily inspiration for our consumers, because they are geared to different nutritional goals and needs and provide a simple guide to implementing a conscious lifestyle.  

As innovative as our portfolio is so reliable and convincing is our high quality, the particularly tasty taste and our value positioning. 

Our mission: we simplify conscious nutrition! Our target group are sports and fitness enthusiasts who pursue a conscious diet style - in Germany; Austria and beyond. 

Our successful brand Power System is available in over 20,000 markets in Germany alone and is purchased almost 100,000 times per day on average.

Since 2005, our wide range of protein-based bars, powders and ready-to-drink shakes as well as selected sportsman food supplements have been available in the German LEH and drugstore.

Power System

Power System

With Power System, we were the first brand who made a wide range of sports nutrition accessible to all target groups outside of professional sports and fitness studios. For those who have an active lifestyle and want to eat consciously. Our various product ranges serve in particular mass-capable nutrition and diet trends. Our range therefore includes products with a particularly high protein content, with reduced carbohydrate or calorie content, with a low sugar content, as well as products for targeted nutritional supplements.

Our products

Our product portfolio includes protein-containing sportsman bars, protein powders, as well as food supplements, e.g. BCAA tablets, BCAA powders and L carnitine ampoules. 

Discover our Power System portfolio!

Protein Bars

Power System Protein Bars

With our delicious protein bars we serve the needs of our sports and fitness enthusiasts. From high protein to lower carb, from low sugar to selected vitamins, each bar offers added value and supports strength and endurance athletes alike.

Protein Powders

Power System Protein Powders

With our powders you have the choice: from Weight Gainer to our 5K multi-component shakes to meal replacement powders Daily Shape Meals. Here too, we focus on quality and taste and support our consumers in achieving their individual goals.


Power System Supplements

With our supplements we focus on the major trends in the field of sports nutrition. BCAA as a powder or in tablet form, Amino Tabs and ampoules we support the conscious diet and the conscious lifestyle of our consumers.