Product possibilities


Diet formulas for weight reduction (meal replacement or daily ration). FSMP (balanced diets) for various patient groups.

Both are available as drinks, desserts or soups.

Concentrated proteins and carbohydrates for fitness- and power shakes. Carbohydrate and isotonic drinks with vitamins and minerals as an energy source for endurance activities and to compensate vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The following packaging are available:

  • Various Tins in different sizes
  • Pillow bags (printed / neutral as a packaging units or as a portion bag in a printed folded box)
  • Bags (printed / neutral)
  • ZIP Bags

Minimum order quantity: approximately 500 kg

Ampoules, Gels and Liquids

For better absorption of minerals and other functional ingredients, liquids do offer superior results.

For instance:

  • Magnesium or Calcium ampoules for mineral balance, e.g. after a work-out session
  • Carnitine ampoules to support fat metabolism during endurance sport activities
  • Glucosamine ampoules for seniors with arthrosis diagnosis and athletes with hinge problems
  • Amino Acid Liquids for Sport, muscling and healthy nutrition


  • PET-screw plug ampoules 25 ml (brown or clear)
  • PET bottles in 50ml / 150ml / 300ml / 500ml / 1000ml

Minimum order quantity: 500 l / 20.000 ampoules

Tablets / Capsules

A few tablet possibilities:

  • ACE-tablets
  • Multi-vitamin tablets
  • Calcium tablets
  • Magnesium tablets
  • Tablets with herb extracts
  • Tablets with fibres
  • Apple-vinegar tablets
  • sweets, as glucose tablets

Capsules (made from hard or soft gelatin)

For supplementation of vitamins, extracts and functional ingredients, which have to be prevented from oxidation or which have to be put into gelatin or cellulose capsules in order to mask unpleasant tastes.

A few capsules possibilities:

  • Vitamin C Capsules
  • Vitamin E Capsules
  • Fish Oil Capsules
  • Garlic Capsules
  • Cabbage soup capsules, etc.

We offer different packaging types for tablets and capsules:

  • PET boxes
  • Blistered and packed into folded boxes

The quantities for these products will be discussed individually.

Minimum order quantity for capsules: approx. 80.000 pcs.
Minimum order quantity for tablets : approx. 100 kgs


Especially bars are a trendy. They work as a fast energy provider and serve as a small snack in between.

Besides our standard products, we can develop bars according to the functions you are looking for.

One-layer bar:

  • E.g. as a sport bar with high protein / carbohydrates enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • meal replacement according to the dietary regulation
  • healthy snack

Foamed bars:

  • as a carbohydrate bar with added vitamins and minerals
  • as a healthy, fluffy and light snack

Cereal bars (one layer):

  • as a cereal bar (with added vitamins and minerals)
  • with added fibres
  • with whey-crisps for the additional portion of milk

Double-layer bars:

  • with different functional properties (red wine extract = red layer / fibres = cereal layer)
  • as a tasty, low fat candy

Our product range varies from the small 20 g snack to the 130 g bar, which replaces a whole meal.

The flavoring can be fruity as well as having a sweet nut taste. Even uncommon tastes, just as of a savory or vegetable origin can be generated. All bars can be developed according to your requirements and under consideration of the food law.

Minimum order quantity: If you have any questions about the minimum order quantity of our bars, please contact us: